Traffic Bollards in Tennessee

TrafficGuard, Inc is a leading traffic control bollard manufacturer providing vehicle security posts to properties in Tennessee and states all across the country. Our traffic control bollards can be utilized to protect a variety of site types, including commercial, residential, government and public, from unwanted car crashes, both intentional and accidental. Learn more about the types of bollard styles we offer, the high-strength materials from which they are constructed and how the can protect your site.

Our Traffic Control Posts

At TrafficGuard, we produce high-quality bollards to control vehicle traffic and create site security. We offer three bollard models for clients: removable, collapsible and fixed. Our fixed bollards are most commonly utilized on sites that need permanent safeguarding. These permanent bollards can be embedded directly into the ground or mounted on the surface. For sites that need more temporary site protection, we offer removable and collapsible bollards. Our removable bollards are available with the option for either internal or external locking devices.

We construct all of our fixed, removable and collapsible bollards from high-grade stainless steel for exceptional site security. We also coat these vehicle traffic control posts in a bold yellow finish and 3M reflective tape to create visual deterrence for inattentive drivers.

Industry Applications for Our Security Bollards

TrafficGuard, Inc bollards can be utilized to protect various property types in Tennessee, including airports, parking lots, corporate buildings, warehouses, store fronts, laboratories, courthouses, staircases and many other sites. Our traffic control posts can also be utilized to safeguard other property types, such as:

  • Stadiums
  • Government buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Bike paths
  • Streetscapes

Property owners use our bollards as part of their site security plans because the bollards can maintain a safe traffic flow and prevent accidental or intentional crashes. When you need to keep your property protected, TrafficGuard, Inc is there for you.

*TrafficGuard, Inc complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)

For additional information about traffic control bollards, contact a TrafficGuard, Inc representative today. We can discuss your site security needs and provide an appropriate traffic control bollard suggestion for your property. Additionally, you may also visit our blog for the latest industry news, as well as reports on the benefits of security posts, as well as common applications for bollards.