When you’re looking for an effective way to control and direct traffic and keep pedestrian traffic separate, using TrafficGuard, Inc ’s bollards can be of great benefit. These steel bollards offer a durable, effective security solution to help protect property, direct traffic, and keep pedestrians safe. We stock a variety of different models and sizes, including locking and non-locking options, and no matter what you’re looking for or what industry you work in, you’ll be able to find a bollard option that is ideal for what you need.

Our Bollards

At TrafficGuard, Inc , we take pride in supplying high quality, durable bollards to all of our clients. Our bollards are made with top quality steel, so they’ll last you for years to come. We offer locking and non-locking options in a variety of diameters and heights, and we also offer other models, such as removable bollards, fixed/permanent bollards, and collapsible options as well. No matter what sort of area you’re looking to add safety and security to, you’ll find something that fits your needs in our inventory.

Industries Served

Bollards aren’t just used in industrial, factory-type settings. Different industries of all kinds use bollards for different locations and reasons, but one thing is constant—these bollards, no matter where they are placed, add safety to an area. Whether you need security for your storefront, traffic control outside of a hospital’s emergency room lanes, or you want to direct vehicles around a construction zone or driveway, bollards will work perfectly. Some industry applications for bollards include:

  • Stadiums, to separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Cemeteries, to help ensure vehicles don’t drive off of paved and marked paths
  • Schools, to mark where the pick-up and drop-off lanes are
  • Residential areas, to mark which direction a driveway is to be used

*TrafficGuard, Inc complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) Steel bollards from TrafficGuard, Inc are the perfect addition to your Connecticut location for a security and safety boost. Whether you need them to help protect against vandalism like ram raiding, or you just want to separate foot traffic from vehicles, you’ll find just what you’re looking. Learn more about any of our products, including removable or fixed bollards, on our blog.