Double Post Screw Lock Bollards

For unparalleled convenience and a worry-free locking mechanism, our Double Post Screw Lock bollard is the perfect fit. The two posts of this barrier fold out flat in opposite directions, requiring only a 3″ clearance when flattened so that most vehicles can come and go with ease. Thanks to the locking mechanism unique to this model of collapsible bollard, you enjoy the security of a heavy duty barrier along with the freedom of allowing emergency crews in and out faster than ever.

Unique Locking Mechanism

Our Double Post collapsible traffic bollard comes equipped with a locking mechanism unique to this style of barrier. Unlike other collapsible traffic bollards that are held upright using our rust-free security lock pins and padlocks, these barriers are constructed using a stainless steel locking bolts.

This bolt connects the two posts of the hinged bollard at the top, and can only be tightened and loosened with an adjustable hydrant wrench. You don’t have any keys or pins to keep track of, and unlike a padlock, the bolt cannot be cut off while in use. It also gives emergency crews carrying hydrant wrenches, the ability to collapse the bollard themselves during emergency situations instead of waiting for an authorized keyholder to do so. And because the locking mechanism is located at the top of the barrier and not the base, you never have to worry about road-level hazards like snow, rain and ice impeding your ability to easily collapse and reassemble the bollard.

Longevity Your Can Trust

Like our other bollards, the Double Post model is coated with a zinc-rich primer that resists corrosion and rusting, and all of the pins are constructed using rust-free stainless steel*. Finished in high-visibility safety yellow and adorned with 3M reflective labels, these folding bollards give you the long-lasting toughness you trust and expect from TrafficGuard Direct.  

*Our folding bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).