Traffic Median Bollards

No matter how many precautionary measures you take behind the wheel, driving can still be highly dangerous because you don’t have control over the other drivers, especially in high-traffic areas like highways. Even though median strips may be in place, they cannot completely block oncoming traffic. TrafficGuard’s median barrier posts can keep both drivers and pedestrians safe from the effects of an accidental crash by creating an additional barricade for vehicles.

Barriers to Block Vehicle Access

We designed our traffic medians to prevent accidents and injuries, but sometimes they aren’t enough. Impact protection devices such as permanent vehicle impact bollards ensure no one can get past your median and cause devastating wrecks. Sometimes people will cross medians in order to make a quick U-turn. Although drivers may not intentionally try to cross the median, they could still accidentally do so, causing otherwise preventable vehicle collisions. Sometimes people will also cross busy intersections only halfway and stand on a median strip to wait for clearance. If a car accidentally crossed into that area, the result could be fatal. To block access to an area that needs constant guarding, permanent bollards are the perfect solution.

Increased Traffic Visibility & Impact Protection

When cars enter the median area of a street, they risk not only injuring the cars in their lanes, but also the cars on the other side of the road. The radio or another person in the car may distract a driver, or they may be driving in conditions beyond their control, like bad weather or faulty car parts. If a driver does accidentally drive their vehicle into the median, they could cause large-scale damage. To thwart any potential median crossing, we create surface mounted bollards and impact protection barriers that are eye-catching and strong enough to withstand even forceful crashes. At TrafficGuard, we also coat all of our bollards in a highly noticeable yellow finishing and 3M reflective safety tape and can catch the attention of even the most distracted driver. We built our traffic bollards to last by constructing them from heavy-duty steel that complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).