Traffic Gate Bollards

High-traffic areas can quickly become hectic. To protect your property and the drivers and pedestrians on it, you may need some type of safety posts designed to restrict access on a frequent basis. Traffic gate bollards, including collapsible and removable bollards, allow for vehicle entry on your terms, providing security your frequented property needs for optimal levels of safety to drivers and pedestrians.

Parking Lot Protection

During high volumes of vehicular operation, parking lots and other areas with heavy flows of traffic can be dangerous. When traffic increases near your property, so does the likelihood of accidental collisions both in and out of the parking lot. Bollards can effectively improve security, keep order and protect your concert hall, fairgrounds or other highly frequented area. Traffic gate bollards are noticeable, yet they are unobtrusive, preserving the aesthetic value of your grounds while also providing the heavy-duty security you need for your property. By restricting unauthorized traffic from entering your premises, you’ll effectively keep an ideal level of vehicle flow coming and going from your property.

Choosing Your Traffic Gate Bollards

When you need to protect your property from high influxes of traffic, a collapsible bollard can make for an ideal gate. When you need to use this bollard, its simple locking mechanism keeps it in its upright, protective position. When not in use, you can quickly fold these pipe bollards down, giving vehicles clearance to drive over them with ease.  You can also use removable bollards as a temporary solution to control traffic. After installing a ground sleeve into your high-traffic area, you can smoothly install or remove these bollards, leaving a safe, flush surface behind when not in use. Even though both of these safety pipe bollards are lightweight and easy to disassemble, they are still durable and will protect against high-impact vehicular crashes.

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