Toll Booth Bollards

Tollbooths are in a highly dangerous spot, and those working inside the booths may be at risk. Cars are coming in from the highway at high speeds, and sometimes they may not notice a tollbooth until the last second. For working in such a susceptible area to car crashes, tollbooth workers need extra vehicle impact protection. With TrafficGuard’s permanent traffic barrier posts, these workers can stay safe from potential accidents or head-on traffic coming toward the tollbooth.

Protective Security Barriers

Permanent bollards are ideal for tollbooth areas. Because tollbooths themselves are most likely not going to move, placing permanent bollards around them gives workers long-term security they can trust. These fixed traffic bollard posts, which are finished in a bright yellow coating and 3M reflective safety tape, prevent any accidental or intentional crashes into tollbooths. Traffic barrier posts for vehicle impact protection give your tollbooth workers permanent security and can deter and forbid any unauthorized vehicles from entering the area. Whether you install a single TrafficGuard bollard or multiple vehicle impact protection devices around your booth, you will increase the security level for your toll booth workers. Tollbooth areas can be unpredictable, so you will want to err on the side of caution to protect those working among the high vehicle traffic.

Vehicle Impact Protection

Because tollbooths can oftentimes be dangerous if drivers are inattentive, bollards can prevent excessive damage to not only the tollbooth area, but also the surrounding cars. If one car crashes into the tollbooth, the car could create a pile-up effect, causing substantial damage. To prevent this, any type of bollard or barrier could thwart destruction. Because tollbooths have valuable money inside, some drivers may even deliberatively crash into them. Permanent traffic bollards and impact barriers can prevent any intentional tollbooth destruction by obstructing any ram-raiding activity. To protect the tollbooths’ assets, you can place a bollard in front of or around the booth.

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