Ship Bollards

Unauthorized vehicles in a shipyard or marina can do serious damage not only to themselves, but to the boats docked there and the people using them. Keeping these vehicles out is critical to maintaining the safety and security of your marina, and installing ship bollards is one of the most effective ways of doing it. With the right combination of boat & ship barriers, you can keep your dock safer, along with the people using it and their boats.

Types of Ship Bollards

Boat & ship barriers make it easy to secure your dock from unauthorized vehicular access. For example, if your dock is closed seasonally or overnight, you can restrict access using removable or collapsible ship bollards. Collapsible ship bollards stay in place but fold down flat, so vehicles can pass directly over them, even if they are towing boats. Removable boat & ship barriers, on the other hand, lock in place with permanent ground sleeves, and can be completely removed and stored when you do not need them, leaving a flush surface behind.

For more permanent protection, though, you may require the security of ship bollards that are fixed in place. These ship bollards are embedded directly in the concrete, and preventing vehicle access and providing significant stopping power.

Installing Boat & Ship Barriers

The types of ship bollards you install depends on your needs. As recommended above, you can secure your dock or marina with removable or collapsible bollards, preventing access only during certain times. These are particularly useful in areas like a docking ramp that meets the water, which can pose a safety hazard to unauthorized or out-of-control vehicles.

Fixed boat & ship barriers should only be installed in places that do not require vehicle access at all. One of the most frequent uses of permanent ship bollards is along the edge of a marina or dock, preventing vehicles from getting too close to the edge and/or driving over the side and into the water. Installing ship bollards along the edge of your dock can prevent life-threatening accidents.

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