Road & Street Bollards

Road & street bollards are critical to keeping roadways and the vehicles using them safe, as well as any pedestrians in the area. Vehicles may unsafely navigate your roadways for different reasons, from driver carelessness to mechanical failures, but securing the area with traffic barriers can minimize the damage they ordinarily cause. With traffic control barriers in place, your roadways are safer for everyone on and around them.

Restricting Roadways with Traffic Barriers

Removable traffic control barriers are perfect for roadways that periodically close. When roads close for events like street fairs, drivers may mistakenly attempt to drive on them anyway. By installing removable road & street bollards, though, you delineate the space with a clear visual deterrent, allowing pedestrians to easily pass through while preventing vehicles from doing the same. Additionally, removable traffic barriers stand up to vehicle collisions, stopping cars and trucks before they can do serious damage.

Removable traffic barriers are also ideal for streetscapes that undergo regular maintenance, or are used as access points for electrical systems, sewers and other utilities. These types of road & street bollards lock in place when you need them and are easily removed when you don’t, leaving behind a flush road surface.

Improving Safety with Fixed Road & Street Bollards

For long-term security, fixed road & street bollards prevent vehicle traffic from leaving the roadway. These are frequently used along roadways near shopping centers and other areas that experience high volumes of pedestrian traffic, protecting people on the sidewalk from vehicles leaving the street. Fixed traffic road barriers in areas like these also prevent vehicles from intentionally driving up to building entrances, making those buildings safer from terrorist attacks and ram-raiding robberies.

Traffic control barriers may also be used along areas where vehicles need to drive cautiously. For example, placing road & street bollards along sharp bends give drivers an unmistakable visual alert to slow down, and protects out-of-control vehicles from leaving the road and causing a serious accident, similar to a guardrail. 

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