Parking Lot Bollards

You can use several different types of parking lot bollards to keep your parking areas safe and secure. Depending on your needs, various removable parking lot bollards can make managing your property significantly easier, improving accessibility and maintaining security wherever required.

Removable Parking Lot Bollards

Removable parking lot bollards make it easy for you to securely section off restricted areas in your parking lot. Bollards like these are ideal for parking lots that expand, so you can remove them for special events when you need to make extra parking available and put them back in place for times without such high volume.

Parking lot bollards also help you protect pedestrians on your lot. Though vehicle speeds should be relatively low in a parking lot, drivers are unpredictable, and accidents happen. In an area like a parking lot, where pedestrians and moving vehicles share a space, bollards are critically important. Use removable parking posts to manage vehicle speed in your lot, preventing cars from taking corners too quickly or accelerating too much.

Parking Space Barriers

When your parking lot has restricted parking spaces, parking bollards give you just the right amount of security. Like removable parking lot bollards, these barriers are designed to lock in place when you need them and be easily removed when you don’t. Parking space barriers are notably different, though, because they are lighter and easier to remove and transport.

Though they are sturdy enough to prevent ramming and large enough to offer a bold visual deterrent, parking space barriers are easy to remove and store. A patron of your parking lot can simply remove their parking space barrier before pulling into their spot, storing the barrier in their vehicle or in a designated area until they leave. Then, they can easily lock it back in place, preventing any unauthorized persons from taking their spot while they are gone.

These removable parking posts are useful for restricted spaces like handicapped parking, employee-specific parking and more, parking space barriers offer you a distinct combination of security and usability.

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