Pallet Rack Bollards

Pallet racks are an essential fixture within many warehouses and factories, as they provide versatile storage for a large amount of product or supplies. Because they typically hold a lot of goods, it’s important to keep these pallet racks safe from damage from vehicles and machinery. Bollards from TrafficGuard, Inc are an ideal solution for pallet racking protection as they are resistant to impact and damage, which means you don’t have to worry about your storage solutions being compromised.  When it comes to security warehouse bollards, there are a number of different sizes and styles to choose from so you’ll have no problem finding the best option for your needs.

Prevent Property Damage and Product Loss

No matter what you’re using your pallet racks to hold, they have an important job, and that’s to keep what’s on them stored safely. You need your products and supplies to stay in top shape, so installing bollards can be beneficial in terms of helping prevent vehicles from crashing into them and causing a lot of costly damage. Without bollards in place, it’s possible for a vehicle to accidentally come too close and graze the racks, or misjudge how much space there is to pass through and hit the racks more forcefully. Both of these incidents can cause a lot of problems, from property damage to loss of storage space to personal injury on the job. Bollards installed at the perimeter of pallet racks can help prevent such damage and save you a lot of headaches.

Keep Employees Safer

Another benefit of installing bollards surrounding your pallet rack storage is that employee safety can be increased. If damage occurs to the pallet racks, it can cause a chain reaction of problems – the storage structure can be weakened, which can put employees at risk of being hit by collapsing equipment. Additionally, if product does fall off the unit if the racks are hit, there’s no way to predict where the product would fall—again, posing a risk to employees. Installing pallet racking protection bollards helps to avoid this sort of situation.

Multiple Bollard Choices

Conveniently, there are a handful of options to choose from when deciding which warehouse bollards are best for protecting your space. There are removable and permanent models, as well as locking and non-locking versions. Whatever the level of security you need, TrafficGuard has the perfect bollard.

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