Bollards for Malls

As a mall owner, you expect high levels of pedestrian and vehicle traffic surrounding your facilities. TrafficGuard’s line of bollards, including removable, collapsible and fixed, can all make an ideal solution for your mall’s security. By installing fixed or removable bollards at the entryways of your store, you can proactively prevent disastrous crashes.

Ram Raiding Prevention

Because malls have many stores with thousands of dollars of valuables, sometimes ram-raiders will attempt to destroy your property for their own gain. Strip malls are also especially vulnerable for ram raiding, as cars can more easily access all the storefronts if not protected. To prevent intentional destruction to your mall, you will need some type of protective ram raid posts near the entrances of the building. By placing high strength steel bollards near the entrances of your mall, you can adequately prevent vehicles from crashing accidentally or intentionally into the building. We construct our mall barricades from stainless steel that’s Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) compliant, preventing even the most high-impact crashes from permeating onto your property.

Parking Lot Protection

Your mall has another area that needs additional security measures: the parking lot. To prevent any accidental crashes and create order within the parking lot, you can install collapsible, removable or permanent bollards, depending on the length you will need to use them. For temporary events at your mall that require additional security for both entryways and parking lots, collapsible bollards could provide the temporary protection you need. For long-term parking lot security, fixed bollards could work best for your property. 

Whichever bollard you choose, you can place them at regular intervals around the mall’s front for exceptional security, or you may strategically install them at intermittent locations for the areas with the most foot traffic. Because malls have multiple entrances, you may want to install bollards at all entryways for the most advantageous level of protection.

The Right Bollard for Your Mall

We design all of our bollards, including removable, collapsible and permanent models, for the highest level of security when in use. Even though our bollards’ bold yellow finish provides a visual deterrence to oncoming traffic, they don’t take away from the aesthetic of the storefront.