Emergency Bollards

Areas used by emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances need to be highly secure without permanently limiting accessibility. Authorized vehicles must be able to quickly enter and leave certain areas, and when they are not in use, they must remain secure. Emergency bollards are the ideal solution for hospitals, fire stations and anywhere else that emergency vehicles need exclusive access and total security.

Keeping Unused Vehicles Secure with Emergency Bollards

When emergency vehicles are not in use, they need to be secure. This prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing and using these vehicles. One way of securing vehicles like this is by installing emergency access moveable bollards at the entrance to a parking or storage area. Emergency bollards are typically either removable or collapsible, so you can lock them in place when you need to secure an area and then remove or collapse them when you need to move vehicles in and out.

Restricting Access to Service Roads and More

Hospitals, fire stations and other facilities that provide emergency services need to keep certain areas secure from unauthorized vehicular access. Some service roads, for example, may be restricted to ambulance-only use, ensuring that the road is clear for emergency vehicles coming and going at high speeds.

Emergency access moveable bollards are one of the best solutions for areas like this, because they can be removed or collapsed quickly and easily. Removable models fit into ground sleeves installed in the concrete and lock in place, giving them significant stopping power without sacrificing usability. When unlocked, they can be easily removed and stored, allowing emergency vehicles to pass through.

Collapsible vehicle barriers are attached to the concrete’s surface and lock upright. When an emergency vehicle needs access, you simply unlock the bollard and it folds down, giving vehicles with even relatively low clearance enough room to drive straight over.

Emergency bollards are an unmistakable visual deterrent with the strength to stop vehicles moving at high speeds. When you install TrafficGuard’s collapsible bollards in and around areas used exclusively by emergency vehicles, you can keep those vehicles safe while allowing them to get where they need to go.

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