Cemetery Bollards

TrafficGuard® Round Post Lock

Steel Bollards Cypress Lawn Memorial Park Colma, California

TrafficGuard® Round Post Lock

Traffic Barriers Cypress Lawn Memorial Park Colma, California

TrafficGuard® Round Post Lock

Perimeter Barriers Cypress Lawn Memorial Park Colma, California

Keeping unwanted traffic out of a cemetery prevents a variety of costly problems, making cemetery control barriers a reasonable investment for any location. Properly installed, these can help prevent unauthorized entry by thieves, vandals and careless drivers that could cause significant damage on the grounds. Fixed, removable or collapsible bollards are all capable of providing the protection against unauthorized entry that you need. These cemetery control barriers, while strong enough to stop vehicles, are designed to provide an unobtrusive presence that will not detract from your facility’s aesthetics.

Quality Security

Every bollard installed on cemetery property increases your level of security. TrafficGuard manufactures permanent, removable and collapsible bollards, giving you the freedom to implement whatever security measures you deem necessary. Our removable and collapsible models lock securely in place and are permanently-affixed models, giving you a high level of protection along with adaptability. TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305), so you know that the steel you’re getting is high-quality.

Quick Lock-Up

Once installed, your cemetery control barriers can be quickly locked in place, allowing you to secure the premises at night with ease. While removable bollards simply drop, twist and/or lock in place, collapsible bollards raise and lower at the base. TrafficGuard also offers high shear security locking pins, giving your collapsible models better stopping power once in place.

Visual Unobtrusiveness

Designed for a combination of visibility and unobtrusiveness, our fixed, collapsible and removable bollards and anti-ram traffic control barriers send a clear message without posing a distraction to your cemetery’s visitors. Our traffic control bollards come standard in a yellow finish with 3M reflective tape, allowing for easy nighttime visibility that deters attempts at unauthorized entry. While fixed bollards stay in place permanently, collapsible and removable models can be lowered or taken out of place during the day, allowing access for regular visiting hours.