ATM Security Bollards

Whether they’re at banks in the drive-thru lane or standalone features of a parking lot nearby a bank, ATMs are an important fixture in many people’s lives. Unfortunately, they can sometimes pose a risk if they’re not protected by ATM anti-theft barriers. Vehicles may attempt to ram them in efforts to steal money, or drivers may simply misjudge the amount of space their cars have to pull up or pass through when approaching an ATM. For that reason, TrafficGuard Direct offers a variety of removable bollards designed to be resistant to impact, damage, and corrosion, which helps protect both the ATMs as well as drivers’ cars. 

Prevent Ramming and Property Damage

ATMs are all over the place. They have one job – to provide quick and easy banking to customers nearly wherever and whenever they need it. Because they dispense money, it’s important to protect them from people who want to do damage to the machinery in order to steal. If an ATM is unprotected, it’s possible for someone to ram it with their vehicle and knock it over. When you install bollards, you can help prevent this property damage – bollards are impact resistant and can stand up to vehicles attempting to ram them. These bollards are a highly visible and strong solution, and stay firmly in place once installed.

Protect Bank Assets

Protecting bank assets is, of course, one of the main reasons for installing ATM anti-theft barriers. When an ATM is knocked down, a criminal may find a way to access the money stored within, and setting up precautions to prevent that is the responsible thing for any bank or ATM management company to do. Installing bollards from TrafficGuard is a convenient solution for securing ATMs, and helps protect the contents of each machine. When you need a reliable method for maintaining ATM security, consider using bollards.

Multiple Bollard Options

In addition to providing exceptional visual deterrence, they are incredibly durable and require very little maintenance over the years. We offer removable and permanent options, as well as locking and non-locking versions, in a number of different heights and sizes. For the amount of protection you need for your ATMs’ security, look no further than bollards offered by TrafficGuard. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)