Playground Bollard

To make your city’s playgrounds safer, you need some type of security measure to prevent any accidents and to prohibit vehicles from passing through. At TrafficGuard, we construct bollards that can fit the needs of your playgrounds while still providing a consistent level of security from outside forces. Whether you want a permanent barrier for long-term use or a removable or collapsible bollard, TrafficGuard’s playground protection security barricades enhance the safety of your play areas.

Safety Barricade

When you install bollards and barriers around your city’s play areas, you’ll be efficiently barricading any outside traffic and can best protect the pedestrians on your property. Because playgrounds need additional protection to prevent any accidents, you can place fixed bollards inside or outside of sidewalks, surrounding any high-traffic playground equipment and near any bike trails. Removable security barricades could be useful for temporary high traffic situations, like any special events the city may be hosting on or near the playground. You can easily lock these bollards for security from outside tampering during use. When not in use, removable bollards create a safe, flush surface.

Secure Playgrounds

Cities design playgrounds specifically with children in mind. To prevent any intrusions that could harm kids, you’ll need a security system of traffic barrier posts surrounding any play areas. For high-traffic areas, you can install permanent safety barricades in areas susceptible to accidents. Traffic bollards can also adequately mark parking spaces and subsequently reduce any parking lot issues.

Reliable Protection

Because your playgrounds will need extra protection, you’ll need a noticeable bollard that captivates the attention of drivers. We coat our safety bollards in a bold yellow finish for a distinctly noticeable appearance that deters oncoming traffic, all while still allowing for pedestrian accessibility to the playground. Whether you choose removable, collapsible or permanent safety barricades for your playground, you’ll improve the safety surrounding your areas and protect the children playing on your playgrounds. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)