Library Bollards

Surrounding libraries, pedestrians and vehicle traffic are aplenty, and if you’re managing the property, you need a solution for separating and protecting not just the people patronizing the library but the building itself.  Thankfully, pedestrian and parking lot safety barriers from TrafficGuard, Inc are a great solution. Bollards can be installed so that they are either permanent or removable, allowing for customizable security, and they act as an effective deterrent for vehicle collisions. They are also effective at directing traffic, which is great for separating vehicle traffic from pedestrian walkways.

Directing Vehicle Traffic

Bollards are often installed to mark where cars should drive—for instance, they are often installed at parking garages at the entrances where you must pay a fee before gate is raised. Parking lot bollards also help people more clearly determine how much space they have to maneuver their vehicles around a space – the bollards are placed to prevent the cars from coming too close to pedestrian lanes or buildings, such as in ATM drive-up lanes. Installing bollards can help maintain a bit of order between different types of traffic.

Protecting Property and Pedestrians from Impact

Bollards are also used to protect pedestrians and property. Because one of their functions is to help resist the impact of vehicles, using them to keep cars, trucks, and other traffic away, many businesses use them at the edges of parking lots to prevent accidents and property damage. They are also used to keep pedestrians safe from errant drivers. Without parking lot safety barriers installed, a driver may accidentally press the gas pedal instead of the brakes when parking and jerk forward quickly and hit someone or something. This can be dangerous at best, and tragic at worst. Instead of worrying about the potential of something like this happening, be proactive and consider installing bollards to protect your property and the people who visit it.

Flexible and Versatile Bollard Posts

When you choose to install bollards outside of your library, you’ll have the option to choose between permanent, fixed bollards and removable, non-permanent bollards. You can also choose between locking and non-locking models, which gives you complete freedom to choose the level of security that’s best for your particular location. If you’re not sure which bollards are best for your library, feel free to contact the associates at TrafficGuard with any questions you may have. Call today for more information. 

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