Sports Field Bollards

Sporting fields invite high levels of pedestrian and parking lot traffic, making them susceptible to potentially catastrophic accidents. To control vehicular access to these fields, as well as increase the safety of your property for those playing and watching sports, you’ll need to install perimeter barriers or safety barricades.

The Right Level of Security for You

Because players will use your sports fields during various times of the year, you’ll need to consider which bollards could work best for your land as temporary and long-term solutions. For fields that players primarily use for seasonal sports, collapsible bollards may be an ideal choice. You can install these bollards near entrances or exits near the sports field, preventing unauthorized cars from entering while still allowing for pedestrian access. When vehicle access is needed they can fold flat for exceptional convenience, yet still provide the durability you require when standing.

For sports fields areas that don’t require vehicle access, a fixed bollard could be the best solution. By placing these barrier posts around the perimeter of your field, you can protect those playing and viewing from any accidental collisions. Designed for long-term use, fixed bollards protect your field from intrusions and ram raiding.

Advanced Protection

Whether you choose a collapsible or permanent bollard, you’ll be in control of the protection.

With collapsible bollards, you can use your own lock for exclusive and controlled access to the fields. Permanent bollards keep unauthorized traffic away from fields, providing an advanced level of protection to your property.

We designed our heavy-duty bollards to protect against low- and high-speed crashes, so you’ll have a reassuring feeling of safety when you use them around the perimeters of your sports fields. We coat bollards in a bright yellow finish for optimal visibility to intruders, yet they are still subdued and preserve the aesthetic value of the fields. 

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