School Bollards for Pick-Up and Drop-Off Lanes

If you’ve ever had to drop off or pick up a child at school, you know that it can be a hectic situation.  Thankfully, many schools are starting to install school traffic safety bollards in their pick up and drop off areas, to facilitate the process. When these bollards are used, the lanes are clearly marked so there is less confusion over where drivers should go. Additionally, the bollards can help protect the pedestrians on the walkways near the pick up and drop off areas.

Pick-up Lane Bollards to Direct Traffic

Because mornings and afternoon are busy times at schools, it’s important to have a setup that’s clearly organized for parents and other drivers picking up students. If there is no direction of traffic, cars may enter the area in different driveways and meet in the middle, causing traffic to back up, or worse, a collision. Not only does having no organization put drivers and passengers at risk, it puts the pedestrians and students at risk. Installing school bollards is a relatively simply and quick process, and it can provide a great deal of safety and security to the people and area surrounding.

Safety Posts to Protect Pedestrians

When there is any confusion within a drive-up area, particularly a busy one, there’s the potential for collision. When there is the potential for a collision, drivers may react to a situation hastily without checking things like blind spots, which can in turn cause injuries if there are any pedestrians around. It’s not difficult to implement a system for directing traffic, and not only can school bollards protect drivers and pedestrians, but the property itself, in the event of an errant vehicle accidentally veering off the path of the paved lanes.

Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Options

At TrafficGuard Direct, you have a variety of options to choose from when picking out bollards for school zones. Depending on how much permanence you want for the security, you can choose removable or fixed bollards, and should you choose removable posts, you’ll have the decision between locking and non-locking models. Whatever level of security and permanence you need for your school’s traffic safety measures, you’ll be able to find an ideal solution. If you have any questions about the types of bollards available or which ones would be best for your needs, feel free to contract TrafficGuard at any time. 

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