Store Front Bollards

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Security bollards Door Protection, Tuscon, Arizona

The storefront for your business is one of its most vulnerable spots, but TrafficGuard traffic control bollards help you close holes in your security. Outfitting the area around your storefront with our removable or fixed bollards allows you to maintain pedestrian entryways while warding off and helping prevent potentially catastrophic vehicle collisions. Unlike more obtrusive alternatives, TrafficGuard bollards and posts keep the property secure without detracting from your business’s aesthetic or accessibility.

Protect Against Crashes

Placing high security steel bollards around your storefront allows you to effectively block vehicles that could otherwise cause significant damage to your business and the people inside it. When you strategically place our storefront safety bollards, you prevent vehicles from driving through and hitting either your business or pedestrians, protecting your property and the people on it from serious accidents. Every TrafficGuard post has a distinct yellow finish with 3M reflective tape, ensuring high visibility both during the day and at night.

Controlled Accessibility

For your varying needs, TrafficGuard manufactures several different types of posts, including collapsible, removable and fixed bollards that help you secure your storefront. Collapsible bollards installed around parking lot entrances, for example, prevent unauthorized vehicles from getting anywhere near your storefront while allowing regular traffic through during business hours. Our steel posts are designed to provide varying degrees of stopping power, affording you whatever level of protection your storefront needs both during and outside of business hours.

A Variety of Solutions

Whether you choose collapsible posts that can be unlocked and lowered by authorized personnel or permanently fixed bollards that stay in place, TrafficGuard has the protection you need. Steel fixed bollards placed around your storefront provide permanent protection against accidental collisions and ram raiding. A customizable combination of fixed, removable and collapsible bollards can protect any asset or person from vehicles at all store front locations.

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)