Shopping Center Bollards

Shopping centers invite high levels of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. To help keep the site safe from accidental or intentional crashes, protection devices must be installed around the facility. At TrafficGuard Direct, we produce the bollards that provide an effective solution for shopping center security.

Protection from Ram Raiding Activity

Shopping centers contain multiple stores, including luxury brands. Because these areas house such valuable and expensive items, thieves may attempt to break in through ram-raiding activity. If these are successful in their attempts, the results could be dangerous. To improve shopping center security, owners can install protective devices like security barriers. When installed around the perimeter of the building or near the doors, these shopping center bollard security barriers can help safeguard the shopping center from harsh vehicular impacts. This can prevent costly damage while still protecting those who are walking in or around the building.

Protection for Parking Lots

In addition to the perimeter of shopping centers, parking lots may also require high levels of protection. This is an area where cars are constantly entering and exiting, making it highly susceptible to accidental crashes. Shopping center owners can install fixed security barriers throughout the parking lot to help create a safe flow of traffic.

Features of Our Security Bollards

At TrafficGuard, we produce a variety of bollards, including fixed, removable and collapsible, for site security needs. Fixed bollards are ideal for permanent site protection, which could be suitable situated at the front or around the perimeter of shopping centers. Removable or collapsible bollards, on the other hand, could be used at shopping centers for events that require temporary safeguarding of the property. When site protection is no longer required, shopping center owners can simply remove or collapse the bollard security barriers to create allow safe access for driving.

We construct all of our security posts from stainless steel for exceptional site protection. To create visual deterrence, we coat all of our bollards in a bold yellow finish and 3M reflective tape. Our security barriers are also available with internal or external locking devices, depending on site owners’ preferences. With protection devices from TrafficGuard, shopping centers can be a safe and secure place for everyone.

*Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)