Low-Speed Impact Protection Bollards

Protecting property and ensuring safety around areas can be as simple as installing low-speed impact protection bollards. Low-speed impact bollards are designed to help prevent damage caused by vehicle collisions into certain areas, whether that’s collisions into a building, into a certain area (think storage areas such as pallet racks) or crossing into pedestrian pathways. Bollards are constructed of durable stainless steel and work to help prevent vehicles from gaining access to an area. When you buy from TrafficGuard Direct, you have the choice between a variety of different vehicle impact protection barriers, which makes it easy to secure your area in the most ideal way. 

Where Can Impact Bollard Posts Be Used?

Impact bollards can be and often are used in a variety of different spaces. For example, they can be used to signify that a paved path is for cyclists or pedestrians rather than motor vehicles, or can be placed surrounding machinery that needs to be protected within a warehouse or factory. Depending on the area you are trying to secure, you’ll need to determine what level of protection will best suit the space—that is, whether low-speed impact bollards will be strong enough for your needs.

Protecting Property and People from Low Speed Impact

Low-speed impact bollards can aide in making a space a bit safer. For instance, in parking lots where vehicles generally drive relatively slowly, low-impact bollards can be installed at the edges of the lot where the paved space meets landscaping. That way, a vehicle can be slowed down before it causes any significant damage. With spaces such as lining the walkways of the lot, high-speed impact bollards may be a safer choice as they offer a higher level of protection. Low-speed impact parking lot bollards from TrafficGuard, Inc can be used to protect areas that may not see a lot of traffic but need to be protected all the same.

Different Bollard Post Options

When you’re choosing bollards designed for vehicle impact, you have a variety that you can pick from. Much of what you choose will depend on your specific needs and where the bollards will be installed, but the different types available include such models as removable and permanent posts, as well as locking and non-locking versions. Depending on the level of strength and permanence you need, you’ll be able to find the ideal security bollard for your needs.

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