Loading Dock Bollards

Loading docks require trucks to back up to them in such a manner that the dock opening and truck bed opening align. Due to this arrangement, the trucks have to back in, which can put a building at risk of being hit if left unprotected. TrafficGuard Direct offers bollards for loading docks that not only help trucks align their beds with the dock opening, but prevent the vehicles from accidentally hitting the buildings. Protect your building today with these loading dock bollards—not only are they highly visible, but they are resistant to impact and other damage, so they require little maintenance.

Protect Property from Vehicle Damage

Loading docks are areas that see a lot of vehicle traffic. Because of their function, trucks that pull in have to match up their beds to the opening in the building, and do so by backing in toward the building. In these situations, it’s essential to provide protection for the building. Loading dock bollards are a great solution for protecting buildings from being hit by vehicles on accident. They also help guide trucks in, as they’re highly visible and act as a visual deterrence for the driver.  Bollards provide a strong, easy-to-see solution for helping prevent vehicles from accidentally hitting the building, which is good for mitigating property damage.

Control Access

Loading dock bollards can also offer a bit of access control. Since they work to stop vehicles from passing through an area, removable bollards can be installed in areas where the loading dock is not needed for a while, but still needs protection. For example, if the dock doesn’t need to be used for a week or more, removable bollards can be implemented to prevent trucks or other vehicles from attempting to ram raid your property. Ram raiding is a method attempting to steal from a company by crashing into the building or doors, then stealing supplies, money, or equipment. Installing loading dock bollards can help prevent this

Choose from Many Options

Because bollards are used in many different settings, they’re available in many different variations in order to suit the needs for a variety of businesses or locations. TrafficGuard offers permanent, fixed bollards for areas where the security will always be needed, as well as removable, locking or non-locking options for spaces that are used differently sometimes.  No matter where you need the security or what size you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find what you need with TrafficGuard.

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