Courthouse Bollards

In a place like a courthouse, where security is a main priority within the confines of the building, it only makes sense to carry that same level of security over to the outside of the building. High security bollards are an ideal choice for extending the safety and can be easily installed wherever you need them. Available in permanent and temporary options, as well as other customizable options, bollards can be tailored to match your area’s specific needs. Whether you need to separate lanes for certain types of traffic, or you want to protect pedestrian walkways and the property itself, there’s a bollard solution for your location.

Parking Lot & Vehicle Traffic Safety

Protecting pedestrian walkways just over the threshold of parking lot perimeters is extremely important, especially in a high traffic area like a courthouse. With as many people milling around as there are at courthouses, you simply cannot afford to leave the walkways unprotected from errant vehicles. Installing parking lot bollards can help prevent damage and injury to others, and can also help show drivers where there cars belong—for instance, if there is a lane that is specifically for authorized vehicles, bollards are an ideal way to mark that lane.

Personal & Property Protection

Bollards used outside courthouses are also ideal for protecting the property. Whether on accident or on purpose, sometimes cars pass over the edges of the parking lot and hit buildings. When there are no bollards in place, this can mean significant damage or injury if there are any pedestrians in the way, but mitigating damage can be as simple as installing bollards. Bollards can be installed to protect buildings, landscaping areas, and other structures.  While it’s not a guarantee that the vehicle will be stopped, the damage can be lessened when courthouse bollard posts are installed, as they help limit the accessibility of an area.

Customizable Security Bollard Posts

Wherever you need security added, bollards can be a good option.  There are many different types that you can install, making the level of security extremely customizable – from locking to non-locking versions, permanent or removable and more. Different levels of security can be beneficial if the area is ever needed for something else that doesn’t call for as much security. Whatever you need them for, bollards are great for adding safety and security to a given area. Learn more about them by contacting TrafficGuard Direct. We’ll be happy to discuss with you the various choices you have.

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