Helix Lock Stainless Steel Bollards

Constructed using the same distinctive, patented locking system as our unique Helix Lock Removable Bollard, our stainless steel bollard combines the convenience and security you get from the traditional model with the architectural look and durability of 304 stainless steel. Using the same completely concealed locking system, this removable bollard provides you with the powerful, industrial look of heavy duty,  steel*. As with the safety yellow model, the stainless steel Helix Lock Bollards come in two options: The convenient, easy-to-use lidded ground sleeve, or the ground sleeve/filler piece combination the gives you a seamless and clean appearance when the bollard is removed.

*Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).

Lidded Ground Sleeve Bollards

Providing the ultimate level of convenience in a manual removable bollard, our lidded ground sleeve model features a hinged steel lid that conceals the ground sleeve when you remove the bollard. By closing off the ground sleeve with an attached lid, not only do you save yourself a step during removal and reinstallation, but you also eliminate the need to keep track of a filler piece.

Ground Sleeve/Filler Piece Removable Bollards

Just like our standard Helix Lock Bollards, the stainless steel version is also available in a ground sleeve/filler piece model. This model is specifically designed to be virtually undetectable when not in use, thanks to the custom-formed filler piece. Instead of covering the ground sleeve with a lid, this model comes with a filler piece in the same diameter as the removable bollard, which you use to fill the sleeve when you take the post out.

Weights and Sizes of the Stainless Steel Removable Bollard

In the unique stainless steel finish, these 36″ Helix Lock Bollards come in the same sizes and weights as the safety yellow models. These include a 30-lb., 40-lb. and 70-lb. version, each of which is available in either lidded ground piece or ground sleeve/filler piece models.