Warehouse Bollards

Without the right security measures in place, warehouses can be dangerous both for their employees and for the goods stored inside. An accident that takes only a few seconds can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, as well as injuries or worse. By installing warehouse bollards throughout your facility, you keep it and everyone in it safer.

Traffic Barriers and Traffic Patterns

By using warehouse bollards as traffic barriers, you can help prevent warehouse workers from accidentally walking into the path of a moving vehicle or automated machine. Delineating areas where forklifts operate from other areas in the warehouse, for example, can signal to employees where they exercise additional caution. These traffic barriers can also prevent machinery like forklifts from leaving areas where they are authorized for use—try using removable barriers for warehouse traffic control, so that vehicles can still enter and exit at approved times.

Protecting Power Supplies and More with Warehouse Bollards

Warehouse bollards are useful for protecting critical areas in the warehouse, like building supports and power supplies. An out-of-control vehicle like a forklift experiencing mechanical failure can cause a catastrophic accident by colliding with a critical support beam or power supply. Installing warehouse bollards around structures like these prevents those types of accidents from happening, creating a traffic barrier that stops moving vehicles before it’s too late.

Preventing Loading Dock Accidents

Removable warehouse bollards are the ideal way to increase security around your loading dock. By installing this type of bollard at the end of your loading dock, you can prevent unauthorized loading and unloading. A removable warehouse bollard fits into a pre-installed ground sleeve and locks in place—when you unlock it, you simply remove and store the bollard until you’re finished. Because these lock in place, you can ensure that only authorized employees have access to the loading dock.

By installing removable warehouse bollards throughout your facility, you can ensure that authorized people still have the access they need while limiting the risk of accidents.

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