Traffic Control

Roadways are potentially busy, hazardous areas that are major safety concerns when vehicles share the street with cyclists, pedestrians and workers. Control the flow of traffic and enhance safety by installing traffic bollards. Steel traffic control posts are available in a variety of options to accommodate your needs for any space.

High Quality Security

If you want reliable security for a roadway or other area where heavy traffic endangers people and leaves property vulnerable to damage, our traffic control bollard posts provide the visual deterrence and physical strength necessary for a variety of applications. Whether for commercial, residential or industrial locations, our selection of traffic bollards allows you to design a security configuration that works for you.


A Variety of Traffic Post Types

To allow for different levels of traffic control protection and vehicle access control, several security bollard types exist for different applications. The available types include fixed, collapsible and removable posts. Fixed bollard posts are ideal for locations requiring permanent heavy-duty protection and defense from high-speed vehicle impact, while removable posts are intended for temporary lightweight access control, blocking off areas with periodically heavy pedestrian traffic. Collapsible traffic bollards are also meant for more temporary access control, giving owners the ability to set the post upright for heavy-duty security and lower them to allow vehicles to pass through. Removable and collapsible posts are secured using either internal or external locking mechanisms.

All of our traffic posts are made of heavy-duty steel and complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) to offer the protection needed in the event of high- and low-speed crashes. Their bright yellow color and reflective tape make them effective at directing traffic without detracting from scenery or architecture.

Depending on a location’s access control requirements, combinations of traffic barricades may be ideal for traffic control in different areas.