Round Post Drop-in Bollards

TrafficGuard Direct designs and manufactures non-locking, drop-in removable bollards for some of the most convenient installation and removal possible. Whether you need a traffic control device inside a secured facility or outside at monitored security entry points, drop-in metal parking posts may be the ideal solution. Quickly removable to let vehicles and authorized personnel pass through, these posts retain the stainless steel construction* and heavy duty strength you’ll find in our other bollards and barriers.

Designed for compatibility with ground sleeves using filler pieces, these parking space bollards are easy to temporarily install and remove. To make it even easier, they’re available in three different sizes and shapes, making them ideal for both heavy duty security and frequent repositioning.

*Our round post parking space bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).

Drop-In Design

When you need to frequently install and remove traffic control devices, locking mechanisms make the process unnecessarily time-consuming. With our drop-in bollards, though, the post simply slides into place and stays there until you lift it back out. This makes them perfect for internal use and security checkpoints, as well as areas that require frequent access for emergency vehicles and more. When the removable metal parking posts aren’t in use, the included filler piece keeps the ground sleeve covered and secure, maintaining a flush surface area. These bollards are compatible with our storage racks, as well, making it easy to store them when they aren’t in use.

Sizes and Weights

Because our drop-in bollards are designed for convenient, frequent installation and removal, they’re available in three sizes and weights. The lightweight model weighs 30 lbs. with a diameter of 3.5″ and the middleweight model weighs 40 lbs. with a 4.5″ diameter. The largest model weighs 70 lbs. and features a 6.625″ diameter, and all three of these models stand 36″ tall.

Even without a locking mechanism, these metal parking posts provide security comparable to our other bollards and barriers.