Non-locking Bollards

Designed to twist or drop into place without a locking mechanism, our non-locking removable bollards are the ideal solution for frequent-access and already secure areas in which unauthorized removal is not a serious concern. Built to be as strong as our removable locking bollards and fixed models, these non-locking traffic barriers give you the same TrafficGuard Direct protection you trust while offering quick and easy removal.

Twist-In Removable Bollards

Designed with a groove that twists and locks in place, our twist-in removable bollards slide into place and stay secure without a key or padlock-based locking structure. This bollard unit can be quickly removed by a knowledgeable user, but provides a deterrent to an unauthorized user.

Drop-In Traffic Barriers

Even simpler in construction than our twist-in removable bollards, these in ground bollards simply drop into place, making them our quickest and easiest to install and remove. Because they do not twist or lock into place, they are ideal for frequent access locations and on-site applications where protection and controlled access are a higher priority than anti-intrusion security.

Ground Sleeve Protection and Storage

Because our non-locking removable bollards are perfect for frequent use, ground sleeve protection is a major priority. TrafficGuard, Inc designs all of our removable bollards with sleeves for longevity, and each post includes either a heavy duty steel* filler piece or a lidded ground sleeve for protecting the installation site when not in use. This fills or covers the ground sleeve completely for a smooth top flush with the ground, protecting the ground sleeve and preventing any accidents that could result from an uneven ground surface.

TrafficGuard Direct also offers a variety of removable bollard and traffic barrier storage racks, so that you can alternately keep your ground sleeve filler pieces and bollards together and secure when not in use. Available to fit our various of removable bollards, our optional storage racks make onsite bollard storage more convenient than ever.

*Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).