Round Post Top Lock (High Security) Bollards

Our Top Lock High security barriers and removable bollards combines the functionality of the Round Post Top Lock model with a high security, tamper-proof locking system. Equipped with a heavy duty, tamper-proof box that shields your padlock, this removable bollard is perfect for high-security applications.

With the same easy-to-use, patented internal deadbolt system as the standard Round Post Top Lock bollard, the high security model protects your locking mechanism and eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. The locking mechanism is completely internalized, and when it’s engaged, you simply secure it in place with any compatible commercial padlock. The padlock is housed behind a tamper-proof, steel shield for the ultimate in security.*

Like the other removable bollards and barriers in the TrafficGuard Direct inventory, these high-security posts are available with either lidded ground sleeves or filler piece models. They come in two different sizes and weights, allowing you to choose whatever measure of security you need.

*Our removable security bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).

Shielding the Top Lock

The Top Lock High Security barrier features the same patented internal locking mechanism as the Round Post Top Lock model. This deadbolt system engages inside the bollard, preventing tampering and increasing the stability of the post. Once engaged, the locking mechanism is held in place by a compatible commercial padlock of your choosing, allowing you full control over the level of access authorized persons have.

The heavy duty, tamper-proof shield makes these removable security bollards and barriers comparably more secure, protecting your padlock from tampering and unauthorized removal. Once secured in place, your padlock is shielded from outside manipulation.

Two Sizes Available

These security bollards are available in two different sizes: A 40-lb., 4.5″-diameter model and a 70-lb., 6.625″-diameter model. Each of these two models is available in both lidded ground sleeve and filler piece varieties, allowing you to determine the level of security and the method of installation/removal with which you’re most comfortable.