Round Post Top Lock Bollards

TrafficGuard Direct’s full line of round top removable locking bollards are some of the best traffic control barriers available today. Manufactured with heavy duty, steel construction* and a secure internal locking system, these bollard barriers are easily removable for authorized users and serve as a formidable physical deterrent for unauthorized vehicles.
*Our bollard barriers are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) The patented internal top locking system gives you easy access and total control over the security of your bollards and barriers. The internal deadbolt stays with the bollard and easily locks in place, allowing you to secure it with any compatible commercial padlock. Like our other removable bollards and barriers, these posts are available in a variety of sizes and weights with multiple ground sleeve options, including lidded ground sleeves and filler piece models.

Our Patented Top Lock System

The patented top lock system featured in these removable bollards makes removal and installation fast and easy. After the initial installation of the ground sleeve, the bollard’s locking mechanism is completely internal and self contained, so there are no loose parts or special keys to keep track of or replace. Instead, after engaging the internal deadbolt, it locks in place outside the bollard using any compatible commercial padlock, giving you total control over who has access.

Removable Bollard Size Options

Like many of our other removable bollards and barriers, these round top removable locking bollards come in a range of sizes designed to accommodate varying security needs. Our 30-lb. bollards come with a 3.5″ diameter and our 40-lb. bollards come with a 4.5″ diameter. The largest model is designed for extreme heavy duty protection, weighing 70 lbs. and measuring 6.626″ in diameter. Each of these sizes is available in both lidded ground sleeve and filler piece models, as well as domed or flat-top construction. They all feature our highly visible, safety yellow finish with a reflective decal.