Round Post Lock Bollards

Round post removable bollards with locks are some of the best traffic control posts on the market. Their heavy-duty metal construction guarantees they are durable and sturdy, but they are also easily removable when vehicle access is required. These removable steel bollards come in varying levels of security. Our ground sleeve features a stainless steel* top with a hinged lid that both locks the post in place or closes (secured by a stainless steel bolt) the ground sleeve to leave a flush surface installation when the post is removed. These round posts are ideal for high pedestrian traffic when the bollard is removed.

Install in Areas Requiring Versatile Security

Each of our round bollard post lock posts is coated with an industrial yellow color that maintains visibility in daylight and at night, alerting drivers to its presence in many different locationsThey are often installed in locations that experience frequent changes in access restriction, providing easy removal when authorized personnel or emergency vehicles require entry into an area. They are installable in many residential, public, governmental, and industrial locations. Property managers can utilize round post lock bollards in areas such as parking lots, schools, parkways, cemeteries, bike paths, and many other areas that require different levels of vehicle access throughout the day. These removable steel bollards with locks can block most low-speed vehicle impact, keeping people and property safe in the event of crashes.

Easy Removal and Storage

When removing traffic bollards, users can easily unlock them using the built-in steel lid mechanism and store them on a rack nearby. The locking mechanism offers easy setup and removal, and when bollards are removed, the ground sleeve sufficiently covers and conceals the installation location. *Our removable security posts are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)