Round Post Key Lock Bollards

Using patented locking mechanisms, our locking removable bollards combine the convenience of quick installation and removal with the security of heavy-duty construction. The steel construction* and internal, concealed locking mechanism guarantees the utmost in durable, sturdy security without sacrificing the convenience of a removable bollard. Your ability to quickly install and remove these bollards makes them perfect for emergency vehicle admittance and authorized users. Available in a different widths and weights, each including our patented internal deadbolt locking system, these heavy duty bollards provide varying levels of security depending on your needs. Find more information on our removable bollard systems below!
*Our removable lockable bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305). As with many of our bollards and barriers, when it isn’t in place, a flush surface is left behind using either a filler piece or a lidded ground sleeve, creating a traffic control system that is completely unobtrusive when not in use. A cam lock is utilized to secure this type of heavy duty bollard in place.

Widths and Weights

While every model in our Round Post Key Lock line stands a formidable 36″ tall, they also come in different diameters and weights, offering you protection that ranges from mid-level security to extreme heavy duty. Our smallest model is a 30-lb. bollard that is 3.5″ thick, with a larger model weighing 40 lbs. and measuring a diameter of 4.5″. The largest model that we offer is the Round Post Key Lock RP 3506, which weights 70 lbs. and measures 6.625″ in diameter.

Engaging the Cam Lock

These removable lockable bollards, whether fitting into a lidded ground sleeve or one that utilizes a filler piece, utilize an internal cam lock mechanism to fit securely in place. The cam lock, positioned at the top of the bollard, allows for quick and easy installation and removal only by key-holding users. This ensures a combination of simple, user-friendly construction and heavy-duty security.