Helix Lock Bollards

The revolutionary patented locking system in the Helix Lockable Barrier line provides you with clean lines of an architectural bollard along with the security and convenience of a completely concealed locking system. Helix Lock Bollards are available in two options: The ground sleeve/filler piece option that provides a clean, seamless look, or the lidded ground sleeve that increases convenience and ease of use.

Ground Sleeve/Filler Piece Removable Bollards

For a seamless, flush appearance, the ground sleeve of the Helix Lock Removable Bollard is equipped to provide unobtrusive security installation. Designed with our patented helix locking system, these removable bollards with locks come with a filler piece that fits into the ground sleeve when the bollard isn’t in use. The top of the filler piece sits flush with the ground, making the installation site virtually unnoticeable when the bollard is removed.

Lidded Ground Sleeve Bollards

For an additional level of convenience, we also offer removable bollards with locks and a lidded ground sleeve. When these bollards are removed, a hinged steel lid automatically closes over the ground sleeve, eliminating the need for manually filling it. This effectively eliminates an entire step from both the installation and removal of the bollard while still retaining the flat road surface you expect when it isn’t in use.

Varying Bollard Weights and Sizes

The 36″ Helix Lockable bollard, in both the ground sleeve/filler piece and the lidded ground sleeve varieties, is available in different sizes and weights for as much or as little security as you need. All made in America from carbon steel, these three weights give you varying wall thicknesses and diameters for different levels of protection. The smallest model has a 3.5″ OD and a weight of 30 lbs., while the next size up has a 4.5″ OD and weight 40 lbs. Our heaviest duty Helix Lock Removable Bollard weighs 70 lbs., and measures a 6.625″ OD.

*Our removable bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).