Perimeter Protection

Your property and the pedestrians around it should experience the protection from vehicle impact that traffic posts provide. Ensure quality perimeter protection for your property with safety bollard posts at your entrances or surrounding access areas. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and types of traffic bollard posts to effectively secure your location.

Reliable Property & Pedestrian Protection

Many types of property require perimeter protection security to keep vehicles from damaging the property or hitting pedestrians. Heavy-duty traffic bollard posts situated around the edges of locations such as golf courses, cemeteries and building entrances prevent unauthorized vehicle entry and accidents.

Our perimeter bollard barriers are perfect for a variety of locations that need higher levels of security. Our perimeter protection barriers are constructed with high-quality steel that complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) and provides areas with the strength needed for effective physical protection, while their bright yellow color and reflective tape keep them highly visible to drivers both day and night.

Different Types for Various Applications

Perimeter posts are available in different types as well as shapes and sizes, depending on the level of security an area requires. Fixed posts remain permanently placed in the ground and offer heavy-duty protection from vehicle impact, while removable posts serve as visual deterrents that temporarily block off vehicle traffic. Fixed posts provide proper protection for building entrances and exposed utilities, and removable posts are useful for temporarily restricting access to locations experiencing heavy pedestrian traffic, such as parks.

Collapsible bollard barricades, which are permanently installed while allowing owners to lower them for vehicle clearance, are also available. Collapsible posts are useful for entrances to parks, bike paths and other areas where vehicles will need temporary access.

If different areas of a property’s perimeter need varying levels of protection, bollard combinations are often ideal.