Round Post Top Lock Bollards

A lighter-duty version of our standard Round Post Top Lock removable bollard, these locking parking lot bollards combine convenient use, lightweight body and the heavy duty steel security TrafficGuard, Inc is known for. Constructed with a patented internal top locking system that gives you the ultimate in controlled access, these removable round posts make parking space protection easy and reliable.

The Internal Locking System

These parking bollards are designed with a completely internal deadbolt system, which latches to the inside of the ground sleeve and is secured by an exterior padlock. You can use any compatible padlock that you choose, giving you control over who has access to the parking bollard and eliminating the need to use a proprietary key system. Because the deadbolt system is internal and completely self-contained, there are no parts to keep track of other than the key to your own padlock.

Deterrence and Security

These removable parking bollards weigh as little as 10 lbs., making them easy to remove, transport and store, but they’re still constructed using the same heavy duty methods as our other bollards and barriers. Featuring steel construction and primed and powder coated with a highly visible finish that resists corrosion and rusting, our Round Post Top Lock parking bollards provide lasting security and a bold visual deterrent. This, combined with their transportability, makes them ideal for protecting private parking spaces from intrusion.

Two Models to Choose From

When you select a Round Post Top Lock removable parking bollard from TrafficGuard Direct, you have your choice of two convenient ground sleeve models: Filler piece or lidded ground sleeve. While these two parking bollards are the same size and feature the same internal deadbolt system, their ground sleeves are different. The filler piece model fills the ground sleeve with hot-dipped galvanized steel, while the lidded ground sleeve model has a hinged lid built into the ground sleeve, eliminating the need to carry an extra piece with you. Both of these models cover the top of the ground sleeve, making it flush with the ground when the parking bollard isn’t in use. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)