Removable Bollards

Created primarily for parking space protection, TrafficGuard Direct’s removable parking bollards are perfect for residential and low-impact deterrence and security. Weighing as little as 10 lbs., these are easy to install, remove, transport and store, all while offering you the level of security that only our heavy duty steel construction and patented locking mechanism can provide.

Round Post Top Lock Parking Bollards

Simply a lighter-duty version of our other removable bollards, these parking bollards securely lock in place using a compatible padlock of your choosing. The internal locking mechanism is held in place by an exterior padlock, so you don’t have to worry about losing proprietary keys. Simply unlock and remove your padlock, disengage the internal locking mechanism and remove the parking bollard. These are ideal for preventing unauthorized access to private parking spaces.

Helix Lock Parking Bollards

Constructed using our patented internal locking technology, our Helix Lock removable parking lot posts combine easy access with total security. These parking bollards use an internal mechanism with a built-in, key-access lock that can’t be cut off, ensuring that only an authorized keyholder can remove them from the ground sleeve. Weighing only 10 lbs., our Helix Lock removable parking bollards are convenient and affordable without sacrificing the durability you’ll find in our other bollards and barriers.

Protection from the Elements

These removable parking lot bollards come with security measures that protect your installation site from elemental interference, making it easy to come and go in any season. The top-locking removable bollards lock near the top, not the base, so ground-level interference like snow and ice buildup won’t get in the way. Similarly, all of our parking bollards come with either a lidded ground sleeve or a steel filler piece, so when they aren’t in use, the ground sleeve is covered and protected. The flush surface left behind eliminates a tripping hazard while also prevent most contaminants from getting into the empty ground sleeve.

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)