Parking Barricade

Parking areas often contain a variety of vehicles and heavy traffic, including pedestrian foot traffic. Parking bollard posts help ensure pedestrian safety, structural protection and traffic flow. From temporary removable parking barricade posts to embedded steel pipes, TrafficGuard Direct offers the solutions to meet your specific needs.

Security for Any Location

Parking bollard posts are useful for securing parking lots in many different types of locations. Stores, residential areas, parks and businesses benefit from utilizing traffic posts in their parking lots. We have many different sizes, shapes and styles of parking bollards to meet the security requirements that are unique to each application, with options allowing for different levels of security.

Heavy-duty and Lightweight Options

Certain types of parking lots will need higher levels of security than others. For instance, airport and government facility parking lots often require the installation of more heavy-duty bollard posts because of heavier pedestrian traffic. At the same time, certain parks and playground parking lots might not experience such heavy vehicle or foot traffic and need more visual deterrence than physical protection.

Our fixed and collapsible traffic bollards provide heavy-duty security, while removable posts offer effective temporary-access control. Fixed posts are permanently installed to resist vehicle impact, and typically placed near parking lots by storefronts and other structures. Collapsible and removable parking barricade posts are effective access control devices that can prevent vehicles from entering areas where heavy pedestrian traffic is present as well as individual parking spaces.

Pedestrian safety and property protection are two crucial aspects to consider for parking lots. Make sure people and structures are safe from vehicle impact with properly installed parking lot barricades. Depending on the layout of the area, different combinations of parking bollard types and sizes may best meet the security requirements of your parking.

*Our parking bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)