Bollards Help Prevent Ram-Raiding Crime

Bollards provide substantial protection against ram-raiding crime.  Ram-raiding crime occurs when a vehicle is driven through a door or other entry point of a business with the intent to leave with valuable merchandise or information.  The cost of a bollard system is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the damages caused by a thief.  Typically, criminals in this type of crime will steal a vehicle and drive it through a garage door or glass store front where the vehicle can easily penetrate and allow a quick escape.  The placement of a removable bollard enables these weak points to be protected during non-business hours, but allow access during normal operating hours.Removable security posts can provide protection to public buildings without becoming an eye sore.   Bollards are used at the capital building in Carson City, Nevada. Posts such as these keep facilities secure from unwanted vehicle access and those looking to do harm to property and people, or simply someone not paying attention in their vehicle.  It is important before selecting a bollard to determine what the requirements are in terms  of the posts ability to stop vehicles and the requirements by local authorities such as police and fire departments.  Most police and fire districts have a preferred type of bollard as well as the type of locking mechanism used.   Steel bollards can be used in conjunction with bollard covers to provide both functionality and the desired look.  Covers are an inexpensive way to improve the look of existing permanent and removable posts.