Avoiding a Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab crime, which is also commonly known as “Ram-Raiding” is an issue faced by private business owners as well as tax funded agencies.  The intent of this type of crime is relatively straight forward; drive a car or truck through a relatively weak entry point such as a roll up door, or glass entry way, load the vehicle with expensive merchandise and quickly get away.  Often these crimes go unsolved and the merchandise unrecovered.  Further, the owner is left with severe damage that can cost a fair amount to repair.

A Smash and Grab can be easily avoided through the use of removable bollards.  These steel bollards are used to block the unauthorized entry of vehicles during off hours and are easily removed to provide a flush surface during business hours.  The surface provided by a removable street bollard can be driven over and walked over without noticing that it is even there.  One of the most popular bollards used in this application is the TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Key Lock, our removable lockable bollards. This product has been used by countless TrafficGuard customers to protect property and people from Smash and Grab crime.