A Simple Solution for Fire Lane Access

One of the most common issues faced in cities and counties all across the country is limiting or eliminating vehicle access, while still making fire lane access or emergency vehicle access relatively easy.  These solutions are often referred to in a number of different ways; fire lane blocker, car blocker, traffic blocker, road barrier, tip down bollard, or fold down bollard.  TrafficGuard has a solution for fire lane access.

The TrafficGuard Single Post Collapsible Bollard is the ideal solution for fire lane access.  The Single Post traffic control barrier is the “original multi-function bollard” developed specifically for fire lane access in the late 90’s.  It went on to become the most successful road barrier in TrafficGuard’s product line and continues to be today and for good reason.  On one hand the single post fire lane bollard is a formidable fire lane blocker, keeping cars and joy riders off of trails and access roads where they could not only cause property damage, but could injure innocent bye standards. Not only is the Single Post a strong visual deterrent, the 6” x 3”, 30” tall (49 lbs) steel post also serves as a formidable physical deterrent as well.

The Single Post’s functionality is apparent when an emergency occurs. Quick access is gained easily by a fire truck or ambulance.  The driver (knowing that the Single Post trail bollard contains a shear pin) will stop at the fire lane bollard, slowly putting their bumper against the traffic control barrier, then accelerate. The trail barrier’s shear pin will fail between 1,200 and 1,500 lbs of static force.  This allows emergency vehicle’s to enter without personnel ever having to leave their vehicle.  The Single Post traffic blocker is placed back in the upright position with an inexpensive replacement shear pin.