Marine Barrier

Use traffic posts to restrict vehicle access to public or private docks and company shipyards, preserving the safety of people and property. TrafficGuard Direct supplies a large selection of traffic posts to secure many types of locations that require increased vehicle access control, including a variety of waterfront applications.

High Levels of Security

Docks, marinas, piers, shipyards and other locations situated by water are often vulnerable to traffic accidents or unauthorized access, which is why our bollard posts are ideal for property and pedestrian protection. Our marine bollards come in several different sizes, shapes and types to meet the specific needs of nearly any waterfront location.


Heavy-duty traffic posts resist high-speed vehicle impact, while lightweight options allow for simple access control and effective visual deterrence. With properly installed vehicle barriers in place, boats, pedestrians and other property will remain safe from accidents and unauthorized entry.

Fixed, Removable & Collapsible Post Styles

If you require higher levels of security, installing fixed traffic posts in certain areas of waterfront locations will help prevent vehicles from crashing into property or accidentally driving off of docks into the water. Fixed marine barriers also discourage pedestrians from walking too close along the water, helping to prevent accidental falls into the water.

For areas requiring more access control in lieu of permanent impact protection, collapsible and removable marine bollards are available. Collapsible posts are ideal for temporarily blocking marine access to docks, allowing owners to easily raise posts or lower them to let vehicles through. When the post is upright, an easy-to-use locking mechanism keeps it in place. The removable traffic barrier model gives owners the option to remove posts completely and store them nearby, replacing them with a flush surface that conceals the installation point.

Security configurations utilizing a combination of bollard styles are also practical for certain applications.

*Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)