Surface Mounted Bollards

For sturdy, heavy-duty security, our surface-mounted fixed bollards act as excellent traffic barriers to keep unwanted vehicles out on a permanent basis. Along with physically protecting buildings and equipment from unauthorized vehicles, these bollards are constructed to visually ward them off. You will be able to effectively keep your property safe with a secured post guarding it.

Installation is Simple

Standing 36” above ground, these bollards can be installed on a pre-existing slab of concrete with a specially formed surface mount. Its diameter of 4.5” provides for a stable post without being overly obtrusive. The bollard requires four 4 ¾” concrete anchors to mount it into the surface grade, securing it in place. Once installed, each fixed bollard offers heavy duty, lasting protection on a permanent basis.

Get the Best Protection

Since these surface mounted bollards are anchored into the ground, you can be certain that they will not detach. And because they are made of steel, they can hold up against most vehicle collisions. If you want heavy duty security that will effectively protect your facilities on a long-term basis, these are substantial traffic barriers for heavyweight security measures.

Get the Heaviest Option

If you’re not looking for anything lightweight, and you want to keep bollards fixed in place for long-term protection from all vehicle entry, then surface-mounted fixed bollards are ideal for these needs. Made to look like removable and collapsible bollards, these barriers provide the same bright, reflective visual deterrence, making them a great investment for protection of private and public property. Our strong posts are resistant to damage of all kinds, giving you the comfort of knowing that your assets are secure. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)