Traffic Guard Complies with Buy American Act

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TrafficGuard Direct, Inc. is proud to be compliant with the U.S. Government’s Buy American Act. As an American company, we believe that we have a responsibility to offer our clients high quality products that they can rely on for years to come, and we are happy to follow guidelines to ensure that happens. Our corporate headquarters is located in Sycamore, Illinois — just outside of Chicago and in the heartland of America, and we are confident that those who purchase our bollards will be satisfied with our product.

Where Can You Use Bollards?

TrafficGuard’s bollards are ideal for a wide range of applications. No matter what level of security you need for your facility or location, you can find what you need in our inventory.

  • Our collapsible bollards are great for establishing fire lane access and bike trails, allowing authorized emergency and maintenance vehicles to pass through, as well as keeping out unauthorized traffic where necessary.
  • Our removable bollards are used to protect facilities, property, and people at places including airports, corporate centers, military installations, universities, stadiums, streetscapes and more. This line of bollards ranges from heavy duty physical deterrents to light duty visual deterrents.
  • Fixed bollards provide permanent protection for a number of different locations, including parking lots, government buildings, banks, and more.
  • Parking bollards are designed to provide security for vehicle access control and are available in removable or collapsible styles.

Buy American Act Compliant

TrafficGuard’s stainless steel removable bollards are compliant with the government’s Buy American Act. When you’re looking for bollards that are compliant with government regulations about products made in the United States, TrafficGuard provides. We believe in supplying high quality products to all of our customers, and part of that means offering products that are compliant with the Buy American Act.

Add Security to Your Premises

TrafficGuard is proud to offer a variety of different solutions for business and landowners who need additional security for their space. From low-impact, visual deterrence to heavy-duty, anti-ram security, there are bollards that are made to meet a range of demands.

Learn more about or full selection of collapsible, removable, fixed and locking bollards and accessories at, and to find out more about TrafficGuard’s stainless steel bollards, please visit Learn more about the Buy American Act regulations here.