Building Security

Protect your building from damage with the visual deterrence and physical strength of steel security bollard posts. Vehicular threats, such as criminal ram-raiding and car accidents, become virtually non-existent when your building utilizes the protection of steel bollard posts from TrafficGuard Direct.

Reliable Security

Our traffic bollards are useful for many different types of industrial and commercial facilities as well as residential buildings. Properly placed bollards will protect both property and pedestrians from vehicle impact through physical protection and visual deterrence. Although traffic posts are highly visible, they are not visually obstructive in any location where installed, and won’t deter from architecture or other scenery.

Heavy-duty bollard posts resist most vehicle impact, while other lightweight options allow for visually deterrent security that is easy to install, remove and store. Posts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow you to individualize your security configurations. Whether your building is an apartment complex, office building, warehouse or other type of structure, our traffic posts will properly protect your property as well as any residents, workers or customers present.

Multiple Types of Posts

In addition to different heights and widths, traffic control bollards come in fixed, collapsible and removable models to serve in a wide variety of applications. If you need temporary asset protection, collapsible bollard posts allow you to easily raise and lower them for access control, while removable posts allow you to remove them entirely and store them nearby. Fixed posts provide permanent heavy-duty security and while able to withstand high-impact crashes.

Nearly any building will benefit from the security that TrafficGuard traffic posts provide. We will help determine the style of bollard that is right for your building, so you can experience the comfort of having improved protection from vehicle impact.

*Our bollards are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)