Bollard News

Girl Saved From Reversing Car by Bollard, Sunnyside, WA

TrafficGuard Bollard Stops Out of Control Drunk Driver at Air Force Base

Air Force Base Official: “This accident happened in April; the driver was a civilian, HIGHLY intoxicated when he struck the bollard outside our gate. He wasn’t hurt, but I can’t say the same for his truck…The final score – Bollards 1, Drunk Drivers 0.”

Traffic bollards stand up to high-impact crashes

More and more government agencies are installing bollards for security and vehicle traffic control. Bollards, which are metal or plastic posts installed in pavement, can be ordered in removable and collapsible models, and often are installed on building or drive perimeters.

Traffic bollards help secure restricted-access areas. The units assist in providing the security needed to stop unwanted vehicle access. Bollards also provide protection against increasingly common “ram-raiding” activities, in which criminals ram a storefront or other building and dash off with cigarettes, cash registers and other valuables.

Eppie’s Great Race Foundation and County of Sacramento Improve Cyclist Safety

Sacramento County Regional Parks recently installed a dozen safer bollards along the American River Parkway with funding provided by Eppie’s Great Race Foundation. Bollards are posts located at trail crossings to prevent the entrance of unauthorized vehicles.

Glasgow-like attacks are preventable

Bollards already protect a variety of iconic buildings such as San Francisco’s iconic Transamerica Pyramid and government office buildings.

South Bend Regional Airport Reacts to Great Britain Attacks

One official said they are also considering the installment of bollards on the front drive that would block cars from attempting to drive into the building.

Flaming Car Rams UK Airport; 2 Arrests

Leeson said bollards – security posts outside the entrance – stopped the driver from barreling into the bustling terminal at Glasgow’s airport.