Vehicle Pick-Up Bollards

Valet areas need protective security for both the valet service workers and any pedestrians. Any unauthorized activity near vehicle pick-ups can cause costly damages to cars waiting to be parked and potentially life-threatening injuries to those working in the area. By choosing TrafficGuard safety bollards, you can secure your valet service area.  


High Security Protection

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If an accident does happen near your valet drop-off, you’ll want to ensure you have the best security measures in place to protect the safety of the workers and the cars. To protect those working at the valet service, as well as pedestrians, you can choose from any of TrafficGuard’s exceptional bollards.

If you need durable protection well into the future, you can use permanent bollards near your vehicle pick-up area for long-lasting security.  For temporary valet areas, you can utilize our removable or collapsible bollards. With these, you can create access to the valet service on your terms. When not in use, removable and collapsible bollard posts create a safe surface for vehicular clearance. We construct all of our bollards from stainless steel, so when you use any of our safety devices in your lot, your valet area can remain protected. TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305).


Visual Deterrence

Valet areas need to be distinctly marked to let drivers know to slow down. If not marked, an inattentive driver could be speeding and accidentally strike any cars waiting in the valet service and those around it. These drivers need a strong visual to let them know which areas are restricted. At TrafficGuard, we coat all of our bollards in a bold yellow finish and 3M reflective tape to be easily recognizable for those driving by the vehicle pick-up area. With our bollards, your high-traffic valet area can be safe and secure.