Vehicle Parking Bollards

Vehicle parking areas of all kinds need extra protections. By placing bollards in your lot or spaces, drivers will easily be able to identify which areas are restricted and which are accessible to them. Even if your city or business’s parking needs are on a smaller scale, like street or garage parking, you need parking lot safety posts that can effectively prevent high-force impacts and provide a safe driving environment, no matter what.

Providing Protection

While parking lots and parking spaces are primarily used to store cars when not in use, pedestrians will undoubtedly be on the property as well. Vehicles are supposed to be driving at low speeds when entering and exiting a parking lot, but occasionally, erratic drivers may enter the premise, posing a threat to those walking about the parking spaces. By using permanent or removable parking lot barriers on your lot, you can create a visual deterrent to drivers who may be driving recklessly, preventing any otherwise tragic accidents.

Temporary and Long-Term Parking Solutions

For larger parking lots that need temporary parking restrictions during specific times, like special events and gatherings, removable or collapsible parking lot barriers can provide a short-term solution. You can easily lift temporary removable bollards from their ground installation when not in use, creating a flush surface safe for driving over. Collapsible bollards provide a similar level of convenience. You can smoothly fold these bollards down, allowing for accessible vehicle clearance when necessary.

Sometimes, though, parking areas need long-term protection. Areas with frequently-used street parking, for example, will need a visual hindrance for long-term use. Handicap parking spots will also need the same protections. In these cases, permanent parking lot & car park steel traffic barricades for vehicles make for an ideal solution for parking areas because they’ll provide notice to unauthorized vehicles for years into the future. At TrafficGuard, we coat all of our permanent bollards in a bold yellow finish to attract the attention of drivers while not detracting from the aesthetics of the land. When you choose our parking lot safety posts, you’ll protect those using your parking spaces while still being unobtrusive.  

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