Traffic Circulation Bollards

Directing traffic is an important job, and one that, done incorrectly, can have severe consequences. Thankfully, you don’t need to have a guard out directing traffic by hand to ward off accidents – instead, consider installing traffic circulation bollards. Traffic circulation bollards are an effective way at directing traffic and keeping vehicles where they need to be, which in turn can protect pedestrians and other passersby.

Where Can Traffic Circulation Posts Be Installed?

Traffic circulation bollards can be installed anywhere that traffic needs to be controlled. Particularly, they can be an ideal choice for areas where high levels of traffic are experienced, or places where single lanes are one-way streets—for example, entrances and exits for housing divisions or shopping centers. Here, bollards can be installed to ensure that drivers don’t drift over to the other side of the lane and cause a backup in traffic, or worse, a collision. These bollards not only separate lanes of traffic, but can also be used to protect bicycle lanes from mixing in with vehicle traffic. The main goal of directing traffic with bollards is to protect various types of traffic and keep everyone using the streets safe.

Temporarily Blocking Traffic

Traffic circulation bollards can also be used to temporarily limit access for certain areas. For instance, removable bollards can be installed in places where, at times, the area is used for things like street festivals or carnivals, and thus would need to be blocked off to vehicle traffic. Since the bollards can then be easily removed when the special event is over, vehicles aren’t inconvenienced once they are allowed to use the roadway again.

Different Types of Bollards

As mentioned, there are both permanent and removable options for traffic circulation bollards. Permanent traffic bollards are more ideal in spaces like two-lane driveways, in traffic circles, or in parking lots. Removable options would be better for areas that aren’t always used for the same function.  If you choose removable bollards, you’ll have the option between locking and non-locking styles. Whatever level of security you need for your specific location, you’ll find it at TrafficGuard Direct. If you have any questions, contact us today. *TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)