Site Utilities Bollards

Without installing safety barricades around the premises of your utilities, an inattentive or reckless driver could easily hit your site, making it a dangerous liability for employees and those walking by. Whether your property has fire hydrants or cable lines, you’ll need to protect your utilities to prevent any damaging vehicular crashes. By installing steel protective bollards around your utilities, you’ll be able to keep those working, living and passing your utilities property safe from a harmful accident.

Protective Bollards for Your Site Utilities

Drivers may take their eyes off the road for just a few seconds, but that’s enough time for them to hit your site utilities unintentionally. Even a minor crash into extensive electrical facilities could be deadly. To keep everyone around your utility hubs and devices safe, you can install perimeter protective bollards. Whether you’re an electrical company with a high-power substation or a gas company needing to protect your lines, you’ll need to decide which site utility bollards will work best for you.

Because most utility sites are designed for use well into the future, permanent bollards could be the ideal safety solution. These fixed traffic barrier posts can prevent both low- and high-impact crashes, which is essential for the security of your property. For temporary project sites, you can chose from removable or collapsible bollards. Once you’ve completed your work on the site for the day, you can lift the removable bollards from the ground to create a safe, flush surface. You can push down collapsible bollards down for low clearance and easy accessibility.

Visual Deterrence

To create a powerful visual deterrent to drivers, we coat our permanent steel protective bollards in a bold yellow finish. By making our perimeter safety barricades so noticeable, they are able to grab the attention of drivers who may not otherwise have noticed the site utilities ahead. Even though these site bollards are noticeable, they don’t detract from your utilities site’s overall look, making them a perfect safety option.

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