Site Perimeter Bollards

When you have a highly valuable building, you’ll want to take as many precautionary safety measures as possible to protect your property. By installing permanent bollards around the perimeter of your land, you’ll prevent unauthorized traffic from entering, as well as impede any ram-raiding activity.

Ram Raid Prevention

Because your property is valuable, some drivers may attempt to crash into your property for their own gain. To prevent any type of ram raiding activity, you can place a series of permanent bollards around your site, focusing specifically on glass window and door areas.

When you consider which permanent bollards are right for you, you’ll need barriers that are noticeable to vehicle operators. We coat our line of permanent safety barriers in a bright yellow finish and adorn them with reflective 3M tape to create a strong warning to drivers. Even during harsh weather conditions, like ice and rain, our bollards are highly durable. While we designed these traffic posts to be noticeable, they don’t take away from the visuals of your property. These unobtrusive bollards still maintain the aesthetic value of your property while providing durable security.

Protecting Your Property

Because you’ve established your space in a permanent location, you’ll want to install bollard pipes designed for long-term application. You can have our line of fixed bollards installed to create high-security and safety protection around your property, preventing any type of vehicular access. By protecting your building with permanent site perimeter bollards, you’ll not only be protecting your property, but those whose are on it.

Whether you have pedestrians walking on the sidewalk of your property or inside your building, you need to restrict the perimeter of your land for exceptional safety. By installing a safety system of permanent bollards in frequent intervals around your property, you’ll prevent any accidental or intentional vehicular activity to your land.

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